Welcome to the PiggyBackHQ Pre-Launch

When it comes to local government procurement, we’ve got your back. The most comprehensive local government cooperative purchasing directory is here. We want you to be the hero. Agencies helping agencies is the name of the game. In it, we all win!

2020 has been an interesting year. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic, there are plenty of things to celebrate. The start of PiggyBackHQ is one we are super excited about.

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We know you work hard to be a good steward of your agencies budgeted dollars. Quick turnaround times for procurement combined with best value and pricing mean there is often more to do than hours in the day. PiggyBackHQ wants to help.

Our cooperative purchase contract directory is unique. It lists available cooperative purchase contracts from other local government agencies. The directory is purpose-built for use by local government agencies. It is fully searchable including by brands, state, and suppliers.

This is the power of the local government procurement crowd working together.

Tom Lucas – PiggyBackHQ Founder

Our member agencies list their shareable contracts for others to see and use. Not only that, the PiggyBackHQ team scours thousands of resources locating some of the most useful cooperative contracts for you. Those contracts end up searchable to you also. This is the power of the local government procurement crowd working together.

The other thing that makes us unique is that vendors/supplier are not paying us to get your information as leads. Yes, other similar services have lead generation incentives for suppliers to cover the costs of the service. Not PiggyBackHQ. We built this tool for local government professionals. We will not sell your information!

During our pre-launch, we are giving away free annual memberships. All you need to do is send us 3 or more current, active cooperative purchase contracts from your agency that expire no earlier than 3/30/2021. We’ll review the contract documents and if they meet our criteria, we’ll add you to the list when the membership side of PiggyBackHQ launches.

If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to contact us here.

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