NCT-2020-064 Electronic Invoicing and Reporting Resources


Contract Summary

This is a shared cooperative purchase program contract with awards for Procore, QV Sheets, and Headlight.


The intent of this RFP is to receive proposals for the selection of a vendor(s) to provide Electronic Invoicing and Reporting resources for constructions projects and project management.

The desired resource would be an intuitive software that is widely compatible with modern operating systems, easy to navigate for all users, and provides real-time invoicing and billing reporting functions. The desired software solution for this RFP should be capable of providing the following criteria listed in Sections 5.1-5.8, as well as the assumptions of Section 5.9. In reviewing each subsection respondents should describe how solution has the capability to provide all or part of the requested services:

5.1           Rapid Contract & Project Setup

Required Component(s)

  • Provide a rapid Excel-based import utility that allows for quick and easy setup of new contracts and projects
  • Be tailored to allow entity to import data elements (for example: stations, project names, descriptions, costs, lane miles, etc.) in a way that optimizes tracking of the information that is important to them

5.2           Quantity Verification Collaboration with Contractors

Required Component(s)

  • Be capable of capturing quantities/inventories, notes and photographs from the field from both contractors and entity employees, such as inspectors and supervisors, and report them to city/municipal administrators in a timely manner
  • Data captured shall have the ability to download to City computers in original resolution. Example, pictures taken in the field will be able to be downloaded in original format/resolution and not a thumbnail version

5.3           Track Daily Construction/Project Progress with Analyzable Data

  • Provide inspectors and supervisors with a structured daily construction/project progress report that allows the city to track data, for example: weather conditions, inclement weather days, contractor/personnel on-site. The intent of capturing this data will be to provide department end-users with improved data analytics for topics such as liquidated

5.4           Optimized Monthly Billing and Reporting

Required Component(s)

  • Be capable of generating invoices at a “Project” level and capture data from the field in real-time.
  • Include a licensing structure that allows multi-use by contractors to directly log information into the system, i.e. monthly billings and reporting are simple exports from the system that aggregate data from past months, show the activities from current month, and provide projections based on budgetary information loaded in the

5.5           Contract & Project Portfolio Management 

Required Component(s)

  • Be capable of reporting the status (i.e. Pre-Construction, Under Construction – %, Construction Substantially Complete – 95%, Construction Complete – In Warranty) of all CIPs, thus allowing project managers and administrators to handle the day-to-day operations and to quickly identify potential issues in real-time.
  • Provide multiple views including but not limited to executive overview of projects and visual graphs, that will report the progress of all projects for easy visibility into the current status of any given

5.6           Reporting/Analysis and Data Ownership

Required Component(s)

  • Have an archival feature whereby all data that’s inputted through the system will always retain the sole ownership of entity. Thus, allowing project managers and administrators to leverage this information to aid in future planning. An example of reports being provided include an Average Unit Pricing report and Vendor Performance report.

5.7           Functionality

Required Component(s)

  • Solution should be able to be operated on all major platforms i.e. IOS, Android
  • Software should be intuitive, easy to navigate and user-friendly.

5.8           Invoice Review

Required Component(s)

  • Describe how the solution would handle communication between agency staff and vendors during review process, including when additional documentation is
  • Describe how the solution would handle situations in which invoices are submitted to one agency and approved and paid by
  • Describe how the solution would support bundling multiple invoices into one payment after approval and how the solution would differentiate between contracts and invoices covered by a single
  • Describe how the solution would support contract compliance by tying invoiced items to contract agreements.
  • Contract lines may be closed out when the line amount is fully paid or left open if the line is partially paid. Describe how the solution would support contract line management during the process from invoice receipt to payment request
  • Describe how the solution would handle and track invoices and payment when partial invoice payment is approved (e.g. when certain invoiced items are approved but others remain under review).

5.9           Assumptions

Required Component(s)

  • Entity to define and manage tailoring and customizations to be delivered in accordance with their business needs and/or
  • Tailoring and customizations will be capped at 3 months of effort and tracked by entity. Additional customizations either outside the scope of work, or significantly more complex requirements, will be communicated to entity to gain approval prior to moving forward with said
  • Respondent must be able to effectively communicate and manage projects remotely if desired by entity. However, entity may be available through a live on-line meeting platform(s) such as, Skype, GoToMeeting etc. as well as on-site meetings at the entity’s
  • Respondents licensing structure should allow for unlimited storage, and access to all project stakeholders.

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