FIR04/FIR04A: Public Safety Equipment, Supplies, Services and Repairs


Contract Summary

This contract includes 5 categories of Public Safety Equipment, Supplies, Services and Repairs as listed below.

  • Category 1: Fire Equipment & Supplies
  • Category 2: EMS Equipment & Supplies
  • Category 3: Police Equipment & Supplies
  • Category 4: Marine Equipment & Supplies
  • Category 5: Services & Repairs

Fire Equipment & Supplies
Turnout gear, station work uniform, forestry clothing, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), water applications, power tools, hand tools, specialty equipment (i.e. municipal fire alarm equipment and signaling, receiving and cabling and emergency vehicle lighting) and not limited to the items identified. (All vehicles excluded).
EMS Equipment & Supplies
Any equipment used for first responding EMT paramedic level, excluding all vehicles.
Police Equipment & Supplies
Night vision binoculars, breathalyzers, visibility clothing, firearms lockers, patrol car recording devices, gloves, knee pads, helmets, handcuffs, tactical mirrors, vehicle emergency lights, sirens, body cameras, body armor etc. and not limited to the items identified above. (Excluded from this contract are the following: weapons, ammunition, lethal and less than lethal munitions, and all vehicles).
Marine Equipment & Supplies
Equipment and supplies for the Maritime Incident Response Teams for port security, incident response, water training events, etc. dry suits, multi-threat suits, personal floatation devices (PFDs), emergency position indicator radio beacons (EPIRBs), dry bags, marine ropes, re-breather apparatus, marine communication equipment, waterproof night vision cameras, marine locator equipment and not limited to the items identified. (All boats and vehicles excluded).
Repairs and Services
Services and/or repairs on any or all of the items listed above.
PLEASE NOTE: The items identified below cannot be purchased under the FIR04/FIR04A Public Safety Equipment, Supplies, Services and Repairs statewide contract:
• Firearms, Ammunitions, Related Training Products, Services Accessories and Less than Lethal Munitions, Tasers, etc.
All vehicles including fire trucks and boats.